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How to start an online business in Mexico

It can be very challenging to find out how best to figure out what skills you have that can be turned into a viable income in Mexico. Not only because you do not know the prices and demand, but the language can be a huge barrier and if you do not know anyone it can be even more difficult. You will also need to promote your business in a foreign land which is a challenge in itself.

There are a lot of “work from home” scams online that are mostly build as pyramid scams where you have people pay you to “join up” under you and those people then does the same. These are not viable strategies for making a living. The best thing you can do is simply start your own business and become independent.

Online business in Mexico

How to run an online business in Mexico

It may seem like a big deal, but it is really quite simple, especially in Mexico. If you have a skill you just need to present and promote it. Weather being a writer, photographer, chef, salesperson or other you will need a professional looking website with some good promotion. The language barrier is easily broken in most cases as you can have your website automatically translate into Spanish, or you can just have your target audience be the fellow millions of expats in Mexico.

It used to be very complicated (and can still be) to get a website going as you need to find a domain, hosting, designer, programmer and then deal with months and months of development time trying to manage a team that uses terminology that you do not understand. Luckily you can now skip this entirely and be up and running within a few weeks at really low rates. You can buy fully functioning websites that are ready to take over. Some even has been promoted and are already ranked in Google and has daily visitors through the best SEO in Mexico. Also via MexicoTurnkey you can order a tailored site just for you without having to worry about managing a team. You will just have one point of contact and the delivery is usually within a couple of weeks at a really great rate.

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